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Janis Gay Williamson
"Bitter End"  Original Oil 30" x 40"
"​Depth"   Original Oil 30" x 40"
"No Pressure"  Original Oil 30" X 40"
"Tilt"   Original Oil 30" x 20"   SOLD

"Break Even "  Original Oil 30" x 40"   SOLD
"Jetstream"  Original Oil 30" x 40"  SOLD
Abstracts are everywhere.  Our physical world is literally comprised of color, form and texture. As these elements come together in what seems a random manner, they can and often do form the perfect color scheme, that curiously inviting form or those interesting texture combinations in a most unsuspecting manner. A moving target, so to speak. A reflection on a chrome object, light viewed through a piece of glassware, a miniscule portion of fabric, a series of sun rays or maybe a common knotted or tangled object; these are the things my mind’s eye hones in on and makes note of. My mind gathers bits and pieces of beauty, interest and feeling; collecting, always collecting, chips and shreds of life on the move. These patterns feed me when I am down and motivate me when I am painting.

Before us all lays a wide panorama of pieces that touch us in various ways. I remember being in a fabric store with my mother as a young girl; I told her I could not figure out why I was so drawn to this particular rather dull patterned bolt of upholstery fabric; she laughingly informed me that the chair she rocked me in as a baby was covered in it.

Many feelings and passions exist in the 
journey through my paintings; perhaps you
will find a peek through the key hole; a trip 
down the rabbit hole; a step off the gang
plank; a trap door with which to escape, 
the wedge to level that slippery slope; 
or a lullaby to rock you to sleep.  They are
 all there, and more.  

What is your forte?